Who am I?

Hmmm...Where do I begin? I am Richard "Rikk" Dugger Anderson, Upendo-Ghe'le Adeoju, el gato de Los Angeles. I am an alumnus of Historically Black Universities, Clark Atlanta University and Jackson State University, where I earned my BS and MS degrees in Computer Science respectively. I am a full-time Computer Science and Engineering Dept. Faculty Instructor and PhD candidate at Mississippi State University under the guidance of Dr. Yoginder Dandass. I am a member of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon honor society and a recipient of the Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service. My anticipated graduation date is May 2014, but as my predecessors know, when it comes to research that date is not etched in stone.

Current Research and Interests

My current research is the design and implementation of a Real-time Communication Protocol for switched FPGA clusters. In a previous research project, I implemented an 8-lane PCI-Express core (and Linux drivers) for the HighTech Global HTG-V4PCIe development board. This board was used on a Linux host and supported basic memory requests and DMA. I am also researching FPGA Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration.

My Research interests include Reconfigurable and High Performance Computing, FPGA-based digital design using stand-alone FPGA-based development boards such as the Xilinx Virtex-4 RocketIO ML423 platform, digital design using FPGA-augmented reconfigurable computers such as the SRC-7 MAP station, High-Level Language solutions for hardware design such as Impulse Accelerated Technologies' impulse C and of course, the before mentioned research.

So why pursue a PhD?

The advancement of Science and Technology can be attributed to Industries, National Governments, and Academia. Among these three is a community of experts whose purpose is the investigation and experimentation of a given hypothesis with the aim of arriving at a new discovery. I want to be a part of that community.