Schedule: CSE 4990 / 6990 Game Design, Spring 2010

All dates and assignments are tentative except for the final exam date.  I will adjust this schedule as the semester progresses.

Week Tuesday Class Thursday Class Readings
1 Jan 5, 7 (no class) (no class — snow day!)  
2 Jan 12, 14 Assign first game teams
Lecture: Working in a Group
Lecture: Introduction to Game Design  
3 Jan 19, 21 Lecture: Play, The Magic Circle, and Rules as Limitations and Affordances Assignment: Game Analysis #1
Lecture: Definitions of Game Play
4 Jan 26, 28 Lecture: A Game Ontology Game Analysis #1 due (midnight)
Part 1: Design Theory
(pp. 12–31)
5 Feb 2, 4 First game due
Assign second game teams
"Mobile Phone Applications and Cellular South", presentation by Steve Davidson
6 Feb 9, 11 Assignment: Game demo choice
Lecture: Game Mechanics and Genres
Lecture: Game Structures and implications
7 Feb 16, 18 Second game concept due
Game demo choice due
Assignment: Game Analysis #2 (Non-Video Game)
Game Demo: Fifa 10 (Sports)
8 Feb 23, 25 Midterm Exam:
bring a laptop!
open-book, open internet
Game Demo: Battlezone II (FPS/RTS)
Lecture: Narratives and Objectives
9 Mar 2, 4 Second game due
Assign third game teams
Game Analysis #2 due (midnight)
Game Demo: Jewel Quest 3 (Puzzle)
10 Mar 9, 11 Game Demo: Guitar Hero 5 for Wii (Rhythm)
Lecture: Idea Generation
Game Demo: New Super Mario Brothers for Wii (Platform) Part 2: Design Process
(pp. 72–160)
Mar 16, 18 (no class — Spring Break) (no class — Spring Break)  
11 Mar 23, 25 Ed out of town
Lecture: Designing
Game Demo: Diablo II (Role Playing)
Lecture: Game Concept Documents
12 Mar 30, Apr 1 Game Demo: Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2 (Rhythm)
Lecture: Environment Design
Game Demo: Wii Fit (Platform)  
13 Apr 6, 8 Game Demo: Wipeout Vehicle for PS3 (Vehicle Sim)
Lecture: Level Design
Third game concept due
Game Demo: Champions Online (MMO Role Playing)
14 Apr 13, 15 Game Demo: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (First-Person Shooter) Game Demo: Ninja Gaiden (Adventure Fighting)
Lecture: Character Design
15 Apr 20, 22 No class meeting Third game class presentation
Game Demo Night, 6 pm
16 Mon, April 26: Final Exam, 3–6 pm, Butler 103
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